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✔️ Simultaneous vacuuming and mopping of hard floors

✔️ Removes stains with a rotating wiper function (150 Rotations/ per minute)

✔️ Saves time and effort on household cleaning and is suitable for all types of floors such as ceramic tiles, marble- and wood floors

✔️ No battery required: Power supply and suction power are provided by the Dyson vacuum cleaner


Easy to use

Replace your Dyson floor nozzle with the Dripl mopping attachment. Fill up the water tank with water and detergent and place the water tank on the attachment. For an optimal result, moisten the mopping pads before using. To clean the floor intensively, water drips out continuously during the wiping process. To avoid that water gets in to your Dyson vacuum, the water drops every 4-6 seconds.


Intensive cleaning

With the drip function of the water tank, you can achieve intensive cleaning, as fresh water always drips onto your floor.

Dripl in use


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