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Light Wand™ - Self Adhesive

Light Wand™ - Self Adhesive

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30 Seconds to Brighter Homes. No Need for a Plumber.


🪄Forget about tools: use only your hands.

🪄 Handyman's dream: instant mood improvement in any room.

🪄Step in and brighten up: the magic of motion.

🪄Switch and charge: never miss the glow.

🪄Choose your shade: cool, warm, or warm white.



5 Reasons Why This Light Instantly Transforms Your Home:


  1. No unnecessary wiring and drilling

Light installation is very simple. No wiring or drilling is needed! Thanks to built-in magnets and 3M magnetic stickers, you can stick the light practically ANYWHERE. Set it, stick it, and enjoy! That's it!



  1. Effortlessly brighten up your space.

The Light Wand is not only compact and wireless but also comes in 3 available lengths. Therefore, it easily fits into any spot in your beautiful home, such as the kitchen, stairs, hallway, closet, desks, cabinets...

  1. Here's a light with a super-sensitive radar.

Motion radar is more sensitive than ever, thanks to microwave sensor technology. The light will turn on automatically when you enter the area and stay on until you leave; you don't have to turn it on again. MAGICAL!


  1. Never run out of battery with the replaceable power pack.

✅ With the replaceable power pack, simply remove it to charge quickly. You can also swap it for a spare battery, so you don't have to wait. Your light is always available whenever you need it.



  1. More lighting options with premium quality and different color temperatures.

✅ All LED lights are covered with a premium light guide plate that reduces light reflections while maximising brightness. Furthermore, you can change the lighting color to cool white (6000K), warm white (4000K), or warm light (3000K) to match the décor of your beautiful home.


Ready to upgrade your home lighting?

How is the Light Wand better?


✅ Makes automatic on and off easier than ever before. We replace the traditional PIR sensor with an entirely new microwave sensor that offers a much wider detection range within 180°.

✅ It stays on until you leave. Once you're out of range, it turns off automatically. So, you never have to rush for snacks before the light goes out.



✅ No need to remove the light and wait for the battery to charge.

✅ The replaceable battery makes charging your light much easier. When the battery is depleted, simply replace it with a spare, so your light can continue to function.


✅ No more harsh light that hurts the eyes.

✅ All light sources are covered with a high-quality light guide plate that reduces light reflections while maximizing its brightness.

✅ Thanks to the gentle lighting effect that gradually brightens when you return home, the light is very soft and easy on your eyes.



✅ You no longer have to choose between cool white and warm white.

✅ You can switch between 3 color temperatures: cool white (6000K), warm white (4000K), or warm light (3000K).


✅ Say goodbye to bulky and awkward-looking additional lamps in the house. This ultra-thin lamp has a minimalist design that is crafted to perfectly complement any interior decor.
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