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Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between the Sleepathy Original and Sleepathy Max? 

Sleepathy Original has the control button on the side which is more suitable for front and back sleepers while Sleepathy Max has the control button on the middle which is made for side sleepers and those who move, toss and turn while sleeping. Also Sleepathy Max has a dedicated eye space for those with long lashes or lash extensions in its 3D cup design. 

For battery life, Sleepathy Original has 12 hours playing time if used continuously while Sleepathy max has 15 hours playing time. Both can last all night and may vary depending on usage.

Regardless, both masks have excellent quality.

Does this put too much pressure on the eyes and ruin my eyelashes / eyelash extensions? 

We suggest you try our Sleepathy Max as it has a dedicated eye space so it won't rub into your eyes and put too much pressure on them. This is because Sleepathy Max has a 3D cup design.

What's included in the Ultimate Sweet Dreams Soundtrack? 

"THE ULTIMATE SWEET DREAMS SOUNDTRACKS" is an ASMR delight(like a trip to the spa/sound therapy) for shallow sleepers, insomniacs, tired minds and bodies.

Let the 14 selected music take you on a relaxing journey that heals your optimal physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Activate. Meditate. Regenerate.

*Studies have shown that adults who listen to relaxing music before bed are more likely to fall asleep faster, longer, better, and less likely to experience interrupted sleep and insomnia.

Can you set a timer to switch off the music from the mask? 

You can set a timer through bluetooth and even download applications for setting up your audio. We recommend downloading the SleepTimer application from PlayStore.

Can you pause, play or stop using the buttons on the mask? 

The Sleepathy mask has its main controller with a play and pause power button, volume up and volume down button. 

Is the mask washable? How to clean it? 

Yes, the sleeping mask is washable. You can clean the mask by removing the headphones inside the mask. We also recommend you to do hand washing instead of machine wash. 

Does it get too hot to wear? 

The Sleepathy mask is made from breathable material that keeps you cool all night long.  

Will the mask size fit me?

The Sleepathy mask is one-size-fits-all that is adjustable with a velcro strap. This mask fits kids starting from age 9 to adults.   

Can you still hear the alarm when you wear the mask?

Yes, you can still hear the alarm as the mask only cancels ambient noise. Alarms are still heard considering that they are in loud volume.

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